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Bioscience Impact Team

Thank you for visiting our site. In the current circumstances, the Bioscience Impact Team is focussing on delivery of core, institutional BBSRC impact grants.

The BBSRC Impact Acceleration Account is currently open to support current or past BBSRC grant-holders with activity to move towards real-world impact. We also administer a BBSRC Flexible Talent Mobility Account to support early-career researchers in the biological sciences to engage with industry.

For further information on these schemes, please contact our Impact Facilitator, Dr Caroline Reynolds: 


The Research Communications team in the University’s Office of External Affairs and Communications has been working hard this year to promote the University of Cambridge’s COVID-19-related research and researchers to the outside world. If your research is helping to tackle any aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact please contact Jacqueline Garget, Communications Manager for Biological Sciences Research, to discuss potentially promoting it.

Researcher profiles | Research stories | Beyond the Pandemic

Many of these articles have led to national and international media coverage for the researchers in newspapers, websites, on radio and TV, and are helping to inform discussions to make progress in tackling the pandemic.


Read more at: Support We Offer

Support We Offer

We have specific responsibility for the School of the Biological Sciences. If you are in any of the School’s departments, institutes or units , please contact us for support on any aspect of research translation and/or impact, e.g. General advice on translation and impact. Discussing funding...

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Case Studies

Research translation and the resulting impact do not follow a set formula or route. Through the case studies in this section, we aim to give you an idea of the many different outcomes, timescales, partnerships and resources that have been involved in generating impact from biological sciences...

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Many funders now offer dedicated funding schemes to support research translation and impact. We will provide up-to-date information on relevant internal and external calls in the subsections here, but if you would like general advice on impact and/or translational funding, please contact us. For...

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What is Impact?

Impact is the demonstrable contribution of excellent research to society and the economy, through the application of knowledge to generate meaningful outcomes . The application can be commercial, clinical, environmental, or related to industry, policy or public perceptions. Impact involves creating...

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