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Bioscience Impact Team


A number of events have been held, often in partnership with others - the following list provides some information. If you would like to know more about any of the events please contact the team

Cereals 2018

Chrishall Grange, near Duxford

The Bioscience Impact Team visited Cereals 2018 with PhD students and Postdocs from the Departments of Plant Sciences, the Sainsbury Laboratory and NIAB.

Cereals is the arable industry's leading technical event providing an opportunity to connect with major agri-tech companies and researchers.

13 June 2018

Food Futures Part 2

Clare College

A Networking event with industry for University of Cambridge PhD students and Postdocs interested in collaborating with the food industry. Companies in attendance included PepsiCo, Nestle, Britvic, Koppert, Buhler and Hummingbird Technologies.

7 June 2018

Food Futures Part 1

Robinson College

A free training workshop in 'Effective Communication: Selling your skills and experience' for early career researchers at the University of Cambridge.

Speakers included Imran Afzal a Senior R&D Manager at PepsiCo, Amanda Wooding, Deputy Head of Life Sciences, Cambridge Enterprise, Lucinda Spokes, Public Engagement & Festival Manager, University of Cambridge and Sarah Cruise, Eloquential.

16 May 2018

FarmRound 2016

Queens' College

A half day Agri-Tech careers event that included a session with career talks from industrialists, flash presentations from PhDs and Postdocs and panel discussions.  There was also an industry fair where early career researchers interacted closely with industrialists by visiting a wide range of exhibition stands.

The day also included a plenary talk on the future of R&D in Agri-tech and an exciting competition for the best flash presentation. The day was a unique opportunity for researchers to meet with industry representatives and to understand what it is like to work in the industry sector by being aware of different career paths.

 4 July 2016

Cereals 2016

Chrishall Grange, near Duxford

On 15th June, a group from Cambridge attended Cereals 2016, the arable industry’s leading technical event. With over 25,000 farmers, agronomists and industry professionals present, the hundreds of stands covered everything from the latest crop breeding research and fertiliser production to developments in harvest technology.

15 June 2016

Good Practice:  Pathways to Impact

Murray Edwards

This event included over 50 people from across the University involved in various ways with pathways to impact as a follow-up from the Impact workshop held in December 2015.  The purpose was to assist the various people involved in helping write pathways to impact across the University.

14 April 2016

Medical Diagnostics and Devices

Homerton College

Academic researchers from various departments across the University came to the first medical diagnostics and devices workshop – jointly organised by the Bioscience Impact Team and The Office for Translational Research.

23 March 2016

Medicines Safety Symposium

Churchill College


To draw together fundamental biomedical and clinical scientists whose work impinges on medicines safety/toxicology, who are currently dispersed across different University departments.

To discuss current research gaps and interests in the assessment of Medicines Safety, to seek opportunities for future pre-competitive collaboration, with a view to establishing a visible network of medicines safety scientists within University of Cambridge.

To expand and invigorate the science which underpins toxicology and the assessment of Medicines Safety in the UK, via a network of collaborations.

1 February 2016

BBSRC Impact Workshop

Sponsored by the University's BBSRC Impact Acceleration Account. 

7 December 2015

Industry Meets Emerging Science

Bringing together researchers in healthcare technologies across the University to present their research to members of the Cambridge Network.


24th November 2015

GlaxoSmithKline Drug Discovery workshop

An opportunity to find out more about drug discovery and development.


28th Sept 2015

Translational Funders Day - Bioscience

Presentations from BBSRC, Newton Fund, Innovate UK and Agri0-Tech east about opportunities for translating research. Presentations from the day can be found here. 


30th July 2015

GlaxoSmithKline Drug Discovery Workshop

An opportunity to find out more about drug discovery and development.

15th July 2015

Translational Funders Day - Biomedicine

Presentations from Wellcome Trust, MRC, NIHR and Cancer Research UK on funding schemes for translational research

26th June 2015

BBSRC DTP students – Research and Intellectual Property

An introduction for PhD students to IP and research agreements

25th March 2015

Commercialising Your Research – Department of Veterinary Medicine

Workshop to increase awareness and understanding of routes to commercialisation

20th March 2015

MedImmune Research Collaboration Day

Research day to identify potential areas for future collaboration

9th December 2014

GlaxoSmithKline research overview presentation

Open presentation on GSK’s research areas followed by a round table meeting to discuss areas for collaboration

5th December 2014

AstraZeneca Toxicology Research Day

Research day to identify potential areas for future collaboration

2nd October 2014

GlaxoSmithKline “A partnership of Discovery with the University of Cambridge”

Showcase at GSK of current collaborative projects

10th November 2014

GlaxoSmithKline Varsity workshop

Research partnering day to identify potential areas for future collaboration

14th July 2014